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Tips for M10-R file organization


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i’ve just got my first digital Leica, an M10R.

coming from a canon background im used to connecting my camera directly to my mac and having the eos utility automatically download and organize my photos into different folders sorted by date,

Obviously thats not the case with the Leica and i have to connect the sd card to my mac in which all the photos are stores in one folder that i have to manually create date stamped folders for on my hard drive.

is there any way (in camera or through an app) that i can do something similar to the canon eos utility with the leica sd card and automatically import all the photos on it into date stamped folders?

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I do it pretty manually. Generally I will end up with a folder for an "event", whether that is a walk in the country, a concert or a fortnight's holiday. I generally use Lightroom for basic processing. Then depending on all sorts of things, I might:

1. Create the folder manually, copy photos from camera(s) into the folder, and import the folder into Lightroom . Or....

2. Create the folder and import the files directly from the camera card into it in LR. Or...

3. Create the folder in LR and import the files directly from the card into it all in one go.


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20 hours ago, jaapv said:

Yes. Import in Bridge …..

After some helpful advice a year or two back on this forum, Bridge + Photoshop was what I settled on. Very intuitive, IMHO, at least it is once one’s learnt what a few symbols mean within Bridge to access things like “Photo Downloader”.  I used to use Apple iPhoto / Photos (as the viewer) and PS Elements (as the editor), but now find Bridge + Photoshop convenient within the monthly subscription. Within Photo Downloader, it also gives a simple way to convert camera raw files into DNGs as you import (not needed for Leica, clearly, but nice if one wants all DNGs only from the outset regardless of the camera brand).

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