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At last, the 2021 Not "The One Challenge" Challenge details

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Date: 16th October 2021 Time: 14:00 hours start, in your own Time Zone, anywhere on the planet. After much deliberation and cogitation, it has been settled that the second "Covid" virtual "One Challenge" will take place in lieu of the previously planned (x2) Athens one. One day, we will get to see the wonders of Ancient Greece, but for now, for most of us, unfortunately that's not an option. Let's hope that we can all get together in Athens next year for a real One Challenge.

Only 4 tonight as I missed lunch due to work and overindulged at the first place I went to, where I ended up chatting to some Essex girls and keeping up with them, pint for pint for the first 4 . I then biddet them farewell and they said "yer watttt?" Thereafter, sanity returned. The spinach and feta pie was delicious although the pastry was a tad overbaked and not light and fluffy, but the G&T made me very drunk, so I moved to water for the next round at the next restaurant.  The

I have been in Athens for only one day .. and am loving it. Great restaurants, half a dozen ruins within 850m of my Air B&B (and that excludes the GF ... Andy, you are to reject her application to join this forum!), fabulous food and desserts, drinkable wine, good local micro brewery beer. I feel sorry for you all missing it. The rains in the late afternoon, make for gorgeous light in the evening as the light reflects off the wet marble on the ground. I will have an extended lunch next year

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OK, I have everyone's entries in for the day and night challenges. I have a query on an entry for the Day Challenge and as soon as that is resolved (email has been sent...), I will post the shots up for voting.

Thank you all - we have over 20 shots to choose from this year.

Therefore, unusually, I will set up the NIGHT Challenge voting first. Watch this space (or a space near here)

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