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But not from 1942. An interesting web page though, thank you. Zeiss started coating lenses in 1936 (I think) but what with a WWII going on I think that coated lenses began in general terms very soon after the war ended.

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On 8/20/2021 at 7:58 PM, Reini said:

A few from the last Automat with Xenar 3.5 Lenses are coated.


Thanks for the link! Since I am not involved enough to buy Prochnow or Parker's books, it was great to see a detailed writeup on the earliest Automats. I own the 1937 version without the shutter release safety lock - and it was my first time to see that subject covered in such detail.

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I have an Automat K4b from 1956, a superb camera and I've just had it serviced after it developed a sticky shutter but once again it's as smooth as butter to use. I've also treated it to an Oleson Bright Screen which made a big difference to my Rolleicord Vb2, it should be even be slightly better with the Automat as the viewing lens on that is f/2.8 and not f/3.2.

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8 hours ago, earleygallery said:

If uncoated it may have developed a natural coating, or 'blooming'.

That is typically easy to identify as an uneven "oil on water" reflective look.

If coated by third party, only the taking lens would normally be coated, and sometimes only one group, for example the front group of a Tessar or Triotar.

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