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I’d love an SL2 in Chrome…

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Be glad if Leica survives these difficult times. And better don’t ask for exotic versions that will never bring any money. And could therefore endanger the general survival. 

I was already surprised that they offered a SL2-S. It offers not much new options and it is not a lot cheaper. In my eyes it is not even substantially better at low light. (Maybe better on pc display at 100% pixel, but not for actual prints where the resolution offers a bigger advantage than the slightly lower color noise. But photographers usually sell the full pictures and not the pixel peepers 100% blowup.)

Use both cameras to make a portrait in low light. And print both (unedited) in a rather large size (e.g. 50x70 cm or 70x100 cm). I will typically prefer the photo from the SL2 (And you probably too).

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1 minute ago, TeleElmar135mm said:

You forgot the white and red (and the SL2 - K with red and white stripes for Mr. Kaufmann :) )

Seriously, though – Adding a custom order program for the SL2/SL2-S (body color, leather color) would be a great way to inject some more interest into the platform.

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Well they can put out various Q and M combos fairly quickly and easily so I figured it would not really drain their resources.

I see the SL2 only continuing to sell large quantities so would expect some special finishes.

great camera.


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