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Can Lens Scale Pass Infinity?

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vor 2 Stunden schrieb BKimelb1:

It seems like it needs an adjustment

If the lens focuses correctly at all distances when you use the rangefinder, the lens works perfectly well and any "adjustment" is just a waste of time and money. Things are a bit different when you focus using the scale. Then you could just get used to the small offset or send the lens in for the adjustment.

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6 hours ago, BKimelb1 said:

Sorry folks but this is still bothering me. 

I understand points made about longer lenses maybe having need for expansion and checking  focus on the moon. That being said let me ask it this way.  Does anyone have  an apo- 90mm Summicron lens and if so does the end of the focusing range=infinity after the middle of the lazy eight sign??? Please post a photo of such a lens. 

For mine you can turn the focusing ring a few mm further.  It seems like it needs an adjustment. No lens I ever owned ever went past infinity.  




My 22 year old version will not move beyond the infinity mark. 

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OK posters,  Thank you for all your opinions.

I called Leica USA twice and after 3 days NO response. Very pathetic for a company that makes world class equipment and charges prices to match.  Called Sherry Krauser who is close to me but she doesn't work on apo lenses.  I saw fantastic reviews for Don Goldberg (DAG) (Wisconsin, USA)  608-835-3342 and spoke to him. Don used to work at Leica NJ and online you see reviews where he successfully repaired lenses Leica Germany was afraid to touch.   He said it was OK to quote him.

He said the focus ring for many apo telephoto lenses like my 90mm end a little bit mm past infinity. It is not an issue according to him. My  lens has and still focuses perfectly  and  takes amazing photos with that Leica look. Therefore I consider the matter resolved. 

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I bought my 90 only few months ago (brand new), and infinity is dead center and minimum focus is slightly behind the 1 mark.  @BKimelb1, just curious, what does your minimum focus look like?


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Thanks @BKimelb1 for bringing this topic up.

I recently bought a used Leica 90mm Elmarit lens and I've started to notice that my unit as a different problem altogether. While the focus ring max out at infinity, I am not able to get clear focus from a far away object at this level. It would appear that if I were to really focus on an object far away (around 1km), I need to dial back by a mm or so (as confirmed by both viewfinder as well as peaking indicator in liveview).

Pushing the focus ring all the way to infinity will not be as sharp as pulling back by a millimetre which will then give me tack sharp focusing. See attached two photos.

Is this normal? Any suggestions on how to 'repair' this? It's driving me crazy knowing that I need to always pull back focus to get sharp focus on infinity.



Picture above is where I get sharp 'infinity' focus. Notice the 'infinity' symbol is off to the right.


When I push all the way to max, it is perfectly aligned with infinity focus symbol but the focus will run a little off.

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