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M 10 R black paint shutter button failure ?

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Given that we have a really small sample from the eventual 2000 (ish) M10r BP lot, one can’t make any conclusions, but this shutter button is a little concerning for prospective buyers. For the price of these bodies you would have thought that Leica’s final quality control sign-off would have caught these shutter button issues as this would surely disappoint me that my brand new camera would need to go away for local service, if not to Wetzlar. Perhaps a systemic issue with the first M10r BP’s out the door? 



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same here with my normal M10-R , quick fix with tighten something loose. 

now I am selling my M10-R and bought BP finish , it have the same issue . and sent it to the workshop . really disappointing for such expensive camera .


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I gave my M10-R to Customer Care at Leica HQ in Leitz Park to check the infamous sticky shutter button which eventually became not really sticky, but would refuse to fire every 30-50 frames or so The very kind staff said "it will be half an hour to check, we will call you" and after 4 hours they finally did call. "Sorry it took so long, we had to replace the ENTIRE release mechanism. A known problem with M10-R Black Paint." The shutter button is buttery smooth now.

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I have the same issue with mine. 1 day old. Took like 30 photos before it started happening, and then took 100+ more that night to confirm the action. Cable release works fine so it must be something mechanical in the button housing/action. Did anyone in this thread get resolution without tearing camera apart? I hate digging into a brand new 10k camera body…

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