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Yikes! No more Digilux batteries in the USA?

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Been looking.

Yes, I've tried looking on the forums. Yes, the Panasonic variants. 

Everywhere, basically.

Nobody seems to have stock any more.

The suppliers in the UK and EU don't seem to want to ship to the USA.

FedEx will pick up but require a declaration of chemical content from the battery's manufacturer as a non-hazardous item...

The only US supplier who seems to have them still is camerapowerpro but ran into their typical zero customer support when I ordered (yes, I ordered, and paid) and no delivery thus far.


I can't be the only one in this dilemma!

Anybody had a really good look currently?

[edit: found one supplier, 3x batteries from amazon.de, for $250 shipped. Sheesh!]


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