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Navigating the choppy waters of 90mm options

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On 7/23/2021 at 4:27 AM, Mr.Q said:

I've had both and the build quality feels the same.  Optically they are identical as well. The 2 big differences are:
1) Version I allows the hood to be attached in reverse for transportation 
2) Version I is less convenient when used with the newer macro adapter (might want to do some researching if you plan to use the macro adapter)

I replaced the hood with a rubber one I found on Ebay. Much better.

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Here's my take - having spent most of the Covid year (re)experimenting with a raft of Leica 90s, and most importantly, on an M10 specifically. Most of them flare on the M10, if/when there is bright light (sun or spotlight or big window) just outside the picture area. With or without appropriate lens hood. I suspect reflections from the inside of the M10, where the "shutter chamber" has been squeezed in all around the shutter opening much more tightly (compared to film Ms), to allow the

Again, thanks so much everybody. I am relatively new to the forum, and this is by far the most active discussion I've started! I've decided to do what one of the posters earlier suggested and see the differences for myself. Picked up a good, cheap-ish 2.8 which will be here Monday — and I'll pop over to the Leica store in SOHO here where they have the Macro Elmar (it's the new one, but it will illustrate the point). I can do a side-by-side with both and make a more informed decision from th

If your hesitation and F/4 is fine, one of the lightest yet fabulous Leica M lens is the choice, Macro-Elmar-M 4/90mm I use one type 1, for different situations since 2007 and never have a complain in the results from f/4 to 22... Quite most of the time NOT collapsed, even if the collapsing doesn't hurt anything (nothing protruding at rear ! ). Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder a

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Talking about hood on the Macro-Elmar-M 😄.

The hood 12575 received with the lens is nice but I found a bit long/when mounted in operation ... for such small lens.

I know I could reverse it.

I've tried out the ITOOY/12580 ( cap not found ! ) or even 12585 that I had

Never 100% satisfied with one of them.


I forgot that ( 😏 just seen minutes ago ! ) ... I finally attached (for years now) not 'recommended hood' 12550 (like this one) ... taken from Elmar-M 50mm,

screwed in the front of the lens then forgot about it, as part of the lens ( I took care not unscrewing when I pull the lens out ), I know now why I use

this Macro-Elmar-M always uncollapsed.

Cap 14038 snaps in just fine.

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