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m10 eyepiece is broken apart any suggestion for adhesive?

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Eye piece, rubber part of my m10 is fall apart. seems it get stucked in my camera bag.

any suggestion for adhesive materials to repair without getting powderd. it is originally stick with gray-transparent-rubbery adhesive when manufacturerd.

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Hello Everybody,

If you are using nail polish (Your choice of color. Or various colors if you are coding groups.) to hold threaded things in place:  It is often good to only use a little & to use it at the top (For example.) of a screw thread. Not deep inside the threaded hole where the polish travels along with the tip of the screw to the end of the screw thread.

Like a restorer: Always think reversible & use the least amount of material, in the least places possible, that will do the job correctly.

Best Regards,



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