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Dear friends, I am a regular reader of the forum but it is the first time that I write so before making any publication in the forums I comply with introducing myself.  I am an amateur photographer like many of you.  I started with the Canon system and have been through a long range. After that … well .. I think you know this stories … the only good news is that unless they started doing eBay research, at least my wife never imagined that a camera lens could cost the same as a small car, or even a not so small one, or an old lens from the years 50 may cost more than the camera in which it is being used. At most I live in the conflict of loving taking photographs, but at times I love even more experimenting with photographic equipment, especially old ones. As I said, I was for years a user of digital canon reflexes, 5D, 70D, 5DII, 6D ... until without letting go of those cameras I met the Sony A7RII ... which became my camera for everything, including a Fotodiox adapter that allows auto focus any Leica M lens , or any other manual lens adapted to Leica M ... That was my downfall because after buying some M of 7artisan and TTartisan to play, I bought a very cheap Leica Summicron 50 mm v3 (the black sheep of the cron) and if that is the more bad ... I told myself ... and everything changed…. Since I had M lenses, I bought an analog Leica CL and a Leica M9 and then a Leica M3, and since I was already in Leica I wanted to know how a modern Leica behaved, and since I cannot pay for an M10 or SL and bought a CL to use my M, but also the R lenses... then since I had some R lenses ... I bought a LEICAFLEX SL very cheap (wonderful, I love it!) ... and since I went back to photographing with film .... why not try medium format ... and then a Mamiya 645 Super and God the medium format is something beyond the real thing .... I can not believe it …. and if the 6x4.5 looks like a 6x6 negative will look… and then again a bargain…. Hasselblad 500 ELX… but what about the lenses….?…. ??? I need more Leica lenses, more Hasselblad lenses…. Does a story like that seem familiar to anyone? I can only say in my favor that I use all my cameras and all my lenses… that I take pictures every day… and that the day I leave this land, I also hope that my wife or my children will do an eBay search before putting a sign that says…. take all this old crap for $ 10…. my husband always said they didn't cost Nasda because they were just old things from Russia…. 

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