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Leica M (not 10) Diopter dismantling?

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Has anyone tried to remove the glass from a standard M diopter (dioptre) ie M3-MA style - is it possible to dismantle

I've had three: two +2s & one +1.0. Unfortunately I lost one of my +2s - gradually unscrewed & fell off (I've learnt my lesson).

I consider these to be one of Leicas biggest ripoffs - exhorbitantly priced for what they are

I'm just wondering if it's possible to remove the glass & have an optician insert a new one (though I fear that that the cost of a bespoke diopter would surpass that of an original one)

Unless anyone here wants to swap a +2 for my +1?

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I looked at it and I couldn't find an easy way to dismantle it. To be honest, considering the risk of destroying the lens by dismantling it and even if it works, still the risk of paying a fortune for an optician I would just spend the 175$ and buy a replacement at Leica.

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In the good (?) old day, Leica used to 'offer' as part number 042-253.008 as empty mount for astigmatism correction to be glass-inserted by optician.

I never had this empty mount, but this service was always 'offered' in my 1997 Catalog, for M6.


In your place, Romualdo I'd just send a message to Leica Customer Service.

Maybe you can have one for free 😉.


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Posted (edited)

I can assume that as the user goes to his/her optician, and as the ring 042-253.008 has positive stop screwing in,

his/her not too bad optician can ask him/her for use mostly vertical or horizontal pictures to set at correct angle the astigm. lens as requested.


Sorry, not a solution anymore...

Seen this, now opticians can not cut 10mm lens, too small !




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I do not have any specific preference for landscape or portrait, I would have an advantage for 50% and probably a major disadvantage for the other half.

From my point of view  there seem to be only solutions like Walter Eyepiece for astigmatism.

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11 hours ago, spydrxx said:

I can't personally vouch for it, but I read recently that DAG, at the request of a customer, had fitted  a diopter holder with a Nikon diopter instead of Leica glass, and that the cost was less than a new Leica one.

Yes, I also have one of those Nikon diopters from DAG - forgot to mention that in my initial post

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