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7 hours ago, ramarren said:

Differences of opinion on that. I've had various cameras that did automagnification on focus and generally turned it off, it gets in my way. I want to turn on magnification when and if I want it ... only. Particularly with longer than normal lenses, it can be very jarring to see the whole scene blast away into something completely unrecognizable when I turn the focusing ring. 


Agree. Automagnification makes it impossible to keep in touch with the dynamics and composition of the scene, it is virtually unusable in fluid situations - where focus peaking excels. It is far more useful for static photography, where focus precision is of more importance, and in that case one can easily use the wheel which gives more control.

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Voigtlander (or any other third-party) lenses hold no allure for me today. The 11-23 on a CL is far more practical than any ultra-wide Cosina lens.

I bought into the M system for the Leica M lenses and the CL because the Leica L lenses appealed for my use. I do own four Voigtlander M lenses, the 15mm f4.5 III, 21/1.8, 35/1.7 and 75/1.8. Bought long ago, never use any of them today on my M262 or M4, and never would have considered using on the CL,

I also own others, like a super sharp 24mm f3.8 Elmar-M, but it holds no appeal for me over the 23mm f2 on.the CL.

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LOL! It's obvious we have nearly diametrically opposed desires and predilections on this stuff, Greg. I don't like using AF very much at all, never bought a single TL lens, and only use a zoom very infrequently on any camera—and not at all on the CL. ;) 

I have one set of M and R lenses that service all my needs on Leica R, M, and CL bodies. I even use them on my Hasselblad 907x. (I have a few native lenses for the 907x, and I also adapt Hasselblad V system lenses to it...) I hardly ever use autofocus, and will use a fast normal lens 20:1 over any "normal" or "wide" zoom. 

Just different ways of thinking about doing photography to me ... nothing wrong with your way either. All the bodies made today are at least good enough to do a great job, however you want to use them. The key discriminator is the photographs we produce. :D


"Equipment is transitory. Photographs endure."

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