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One second Shutter lag in super (silent) high speed mode in sl2s

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I am using the SL2s with firmware version 2.     Noticed that in super high speed mode, it needs about 1 second before the first photo is captured. This happens with all three of the prime lenses 35, 50, and 75mm all updated to firmware version 2.   If I look at the bottom right corner, the frame counter starts at 50 and it shows that about a second will pass after the shutter is pressed before it starts to count down.   This is confirmed by taking a photo of the moving second hand of a clock.  The first photo captured shows the second  hand is 1 second after the shutter is pressed. This lag is much less with other high speed modes.  Would appreciate it if anyone has noticed this same issue.  


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I read this first as meaning high shutter speed, but I think you mean high burst speed? I don't use burst shooting at all, but I use silent mode a lot, and (FWIW) haven't experienced such a lag.

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You are right that I meant high burst speed.  It is confirmed that in silent mode, all speed modes up to and including high speed do not have any lag.  The lag only happens with the “very high speed” mode as marked with “s” in the menu.  

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