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Protecting Leica MP against humidity

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I’m looking to travel to Vietnam later this year and want to take my MP. As it will probably be humid the time I’m there just wanted to know what’s the best precautions to take to keep the body and lens safe from humidity? Also if anyone’s got some experience of travelling in humid countries with their M camera would love to hear some tips. 


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Don't worry, this is not a challenging environment for Leica cameras and lenses, keep them basically dry - avoid rain etc. and avoid temperature shocks from air conditioning - condensation of water. Just use common sense.

Years ago I spent a week in the jungle of northern Borneo with a M4-P, a M6 and various lenses, they performed well and still do today.

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Keep air around it, in the breeze, not in a tight fitting bag or under a coat in a rain shower. If it does fog up it will look awful at first, but just leave it somewhere warm, it will clear and be OK again..... in an hour or two.

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It’s the transition from cool and dry air conditioned environment to hot and humid you mainly have to worry about. Try to keep the temperature around your gear as consistent as you can. 
I’ve found that not letting the camera and lens get too cold in the hotel room (keeping them in a bag etc) worked for me on a my trips in tropical climates. 

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