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Help Identifying Weird Light Speckles

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Just shot roll of tri-x on a 1953 iif with a red dial 50mm elmar. When I got the scans they all had this super weird light pattern, haven’t seen this before. Images are attached. If anyone can help me identify this so that I can figure out what needs to be fixed, that would be great.



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Hello Grennings

Those are light leaks, the shutter curtain has holes and needs to be replaced. It needs to go in for a service and a curtain.

My IIIf was the same see attached


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7 hours ago, grennings said:

Thanks for the replies, do you guys use official leica service for this kind of job? If not is there anyone you would recommend? Cheers.

You haven't disclosed where you live, but the very first thread on this page has many recommendations: https://www.l-camera-forum.com/forum/35-leica-collectors-historica/ 

Start from the back to get the most recent recommendations.

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