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Your Recommendation: Best Leica Q2 (or Leica SL2 or any other Leica) Accessories

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The Leica Q section has a thread called "My 4 best Q2 accessories", running for a few days now, in which members share what their favorite and best accessories for their Leica Q2 are.

We can continue that here ...

  • with your suggestions
  • expand it (with accessories for other Leica cameras) and
  • link (so you know where the accessories come from)

What are your top four (or three or five) accessories for your Leica camera?

  • Bags
  • Straps
  • Half Cases
  • Thumb rests
  • etc.

Feel free to include links!

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The “Match Technical” lens cap might be the best accessory I’ve bought for any camera.

a silicone replacement with a tether, way better than the Leica cap which falls off when you look at it.

$48 US from leicastoremiami.com

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A bit more than four, but I might as well list  them all.


- For all my Leicas (CL, TL2 and D-Lux 7), a leather half-case apiece, and quality leather straps with Peak Design fittings. I get the straps from :- 1901fotografi

- For my CL, a Leica thumb rest

- For my TL2, a Visoflex 020

- For all cameras, screen protectors, several spare Leica/Sigma/Panasonic batteries, which will fit the various model, and adapters (Leica, 7Artisans and others) for M/LTM/M42 lenses to L-mount

- Billington bags - more recent Hadley models x 2 and another which I've had for 40+ years


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As a photographer (probably one of the Magnum photographers)  once said, the best accessory is a good pair of walking shoes. Other than that you need your Leica, an extra battery and an extra card. Good luck with your photography.

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My #1 fav accessory for my M10 is the visoflex viewfinder

My 2nd choice might be an adapter so I can use my Olympus film camera lenses on the M10, but it is on the way to me...

3rd would be my 28-50-35 mm f/4 lens.

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For Leica SL2S or SL2

Extra Camera Battery x 2 required for full day of shooting with SL autofocus lenses    

Really Right Stuff L Plate


   Incredible build quality and fit for quick and easy tripod mounting in either landscape or portrait orientation + provides nice balance and extra protection for camera body while out and about.  

Peak Design Leash Shoulder Strap


  peak design straps are well designed and easily adjustable for different ways of wearing cross body.  I found the wider  “slide” straps although better suited for weight of camera on shoulders, not as easy to move around across body and flexible.  The “leash” holds camera really well and cross body the weight/ pressure on shoulders is just fine.

Peak Design Camera Case (2 options depending on type of photo outing. 

Peak Design Sling 6L (Street Photography - lite setup 


Holds a combination of SL2 with following lens combinations from what I have experienced.

camera + mounted SL prime + 2 M lenses or camera + M lens mounted + 2 M lenses or camera + mounted SL 24-90 + 1 M lens.  

Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L (Travel and Landscape)


Holds a lot and very flexible design that allows it to be easily adjusted based on equipment being carried.   Includes built in straps for attaching things like tripod.  This bag takes a bit of getting use to, because of unique design and internal adjustments, but after over 1 year, I have grown to truly love this bag. 



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I put RRS L-brackets on all my cameras for easy Arca-head tripod use for verticals and horizontals, and for protection. And because of problems with my trapezius muscles, I can no longer carry cameras on neck straps. Instead, I use the SpiderPro holster system. 

Really Right Stuff L-bracket for Leica SL2 - https://www.reallyrightstuff.com/Leica-SL2-Camera_2

Spider holster clamp - slides on RRS L-bracket to allow placement in Spider holster - https://spiderholster.com/products/spiderpro-clamp-v2

SpiderPro dual camera holster belt - https://spiderholster.com/products/spiderpro-dual-dslr-camera-system-v2

Those are the most useful accessories I have for the SL2, and I must use a holster system with my neck problems. I've had none since I started using the SpiderPro holster system. As an aside, check the mounting ball on the camera-mounted holster adapter for tightness every so often. I had an older adapter’s mounting ball come loose on another camera, but Loctite fixed the problem. 

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Calibrated grey card. WhiBal or ColorChecker Passport. Google for current sources. Easy to produce own profiles and achieve colour fidelity.

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#1 - Holster. The Leica one for M-series cameras is excellent.

#2 - Leather wrist strap. My first was from Wotancraft but it is now discontinued. I cannabilised an old man-purse for a second one.

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Since I don’t use a strap of any kind, or grip, or case, or soft release, or thumb grip, or lens cap, I’ve longed for a light, protective and easily accessible single camera bag to shoot from. I found it in the Billingham 72.

It’s the closest thing to a camera strap that I use, and really no more cumbersome than a camera carried cross body on a long strap. Amazing rain protection, too. 

I bought a second to carry two bodies, one on each shoulder. Leaves most of my other bags redundant for all but transport or storage, but completely worthwhile. 

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