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Whats next for the SL System? End of the Road Already.....

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2 hours ago, Jeff S said:

Choices abound, across brands, as the MP race and improvements in technology and lens design continue.  On the Leica side, the M11 will no doubt introduce more considerations.  And probably more at some point for the SL and/or S systems, plus any other surprises.  I’m content for now with SL2 (and 3 lenses) and M bodies (M10 and M9/M10Monochroms and 5 lenses) for my picture and printing needs. I’ll probably sell the M9M and one or two of my 35mm M lenses at some point.  No other significant needs, or excuses, gear-wise for me, except for upgrades on the back end to computer/printer in the next year or two.  The biggest obstacle is time to shoot and print.


I am just hoping that a higher performing EVF for the M11 shall be compatible with the M10-R/M and maintains tilting capability. Such a beneficial feature....wish there was a right angle finder for the SL2....

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I am kind of curious as to what the problem is outside of AF? The SL2 is one of the best cameras I have ever used, and the L mount summicrons ARE the best lenses I have ever used. I understand a lot of people dislike contrast detect AF and I can certainly see that that is an important area for improvement in a future body. As for how it compares to the competition, I think Leica leads the way in interface and ergonomics, as well as having superb integration with M and S lenses, which no other co

+1  ...and we should be happy that Leica's product cycles have been always somewhat longer than competition where esp. new bodies are thrown on the market at rapid pace. This is - in my view - a more sustainable approach in general and a more relaxing approach to my bank account in specific. 

So true.  And to emphasis this I did a quick run through the list of Leica's lenses that are beautifully integrated and work sometimes even better on an SL than on their native camera system : >80 M lenses 10 S lenses 68 R lenses 30 LTM lenses All from Leica alone.  I did not count the M mount lenses from Voigtländer, Zeiss, Minolta, 7artians and the like.  Or the LTM compatible Canon, Nikon etc from the past.  And I forgot probably the R compatible lenses from

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I find the title of this thread quite weird. I get the impression someone tries to impose his (negative) view of things upon us.

I weathered the three bad years after the announcement of the original SL and see currently no reason to think pessimistically. The offerings are great and abundant. I actually do not need most of the new products (SL2-S or 2.8/24-70) but I can understand if some want them.

Maybe I would buy some native macro lenses from Leica, maybe also a 4/400 or 4/300 lens in Fresnel-style from Sigma or Pana. (Not from Leica because far too expensive). Also because Leica does not want to offer an extender, and without extender these long and expensive lenses are pointless.

I am glad for the alliance, even if I have not yet bought any lenses. But the system has improved in a remarkable way. It is now (despite a hiccup in AFc) one of the most attractive systems. (Especially for users used to do almost anything with AFs).

If users find it hopeless and want to leave ...  why not, simply do it. This will not push most of the other users into despair.

I could not care less if some doomsayers leave asap.

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9 hours ago, jplomley said:

I am just hoping that a higher performing EVF for the M11 shall be compatible with the M10-R/M and maintains tilting capability. Such a beneficial feature....wish there was a right angle finder for the SL2....

I bought an optical right angle Finder from Leica Miami. A tiltable EVF, like Visoflex, would be better.

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The death of Canon's EF system is what drove me to part ways with Canon and jump fully onboard with Leica's SL system. It's new. It's innovative. The aesthetics, ergo, and interface is incredible. And of course, it's a Leica. Canon isn't coming out with gear that much faster than Leica, per capita. 

Covid is creating a false negative for a lot of companies when evaluating their pace of innovation. Remember, assembly lines, offices, etc. fully shut down for a good portion of a year. That's unprecedented and will take years to get back up to speed.

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