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2 hours ago, Stuart Richardson said:

I guess what I would say by way of elaboration is that there is no digital 6x17…other than scanned 6x17 or a 6+ shot stitch from a Phase One full sized back.  The S3 is a good camera, but you are comparing 1cm by 4.5cm long digital sensor to a 6x17cm long piece of film. The lens will be proportionally longer too, with a 35mm angle of view with respect to width, while most 6x17 cameras have a 90 or 100, which is more like a 21-24mm. I am not saying that you cannot take good panos with it, but they are not very similar cameras in some important ways…

Well, If it was good enough for Koudelka, it will be good enough for me :)


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7 hours ago, Sarnian said:

This is what you need!

Seitz for 160 megapixels: Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com)

Seitz 6x17 Digital (tx-lab.com)

yeah :)

I am leaning toward a 007 with a 45mm lens. This combo (used) is about the price of my M gear, so i can essentially trade in my M stuff for this body/lens. Am I wrong to think that extra pixels aside (no real need for 50k iso or 8 minute exposures), 007 is still a  camera?  I am coming from the m8+m9+m10 (skipped m240) world.  

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On 6/10/2021 at 2:24 PM, John McMaster said:

I have nearly stopped using my M system (M9, MM and M(240) as I prefer the S(007) look - the 45mm is excellent, although you would probably save some money with a 35mm.


after some consideration i decided to pre-order the fuji gfx 100s to be used with my xpan 45/4 lens. 

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Did not see this as a suggestion, but why not shoot three images and let LR or PS stitch them together to make a high pixel pano?  Not a single shot, but I’ve done three verticals and the results were good.  Took a few times to get the tripod set right..   Not the same as a one shot, but doable for larger image requirements. Thoughts?

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