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Barnack Challenge #42 Connectedness / Verbundenheit

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The topic for this Barnack Challenge will be “Connectedness” 


These are the dates for shooting, posting and voting:

Taking pictures:                27 June - 10 July 2021 (2 weeks)

Posting pictures:              11 July - 24 July 2021 (2 weeks)

Voting:                     25 July - 7 August 2021 (2 weeks)


Hopefully the topic will inspire you for some creative and individualistic photographs.


Entry rules:

  • A LTM body must be used. 
  • Any brand lens may be used. 
  • Therefore at least the body must be Leica branded. The body/lens combination must be mentioned when the entry is posted.


Das Thema für diese Barnack Challenge ist: Verbundenheit


Die Termine für die Aufnahme, die Entsendung und Abstimmung:

Aufnehmen der Bilder:            27 Juni - 10 Juli 2021 (2 Wochen)

Hochladen des Beitrags:       11 Juli - 24 Juli 2021 (2 Wochen)

Abstimmung:                     25 Juli - 7 August 2021 (2 Wochen)


Ich wünsche Euch allen viel Phantasie, Inspiration und gut Licht!



  • Ein LTM Gehäuse muss verwendet werden.
  • Objektive jedes Fabrikats können genutzt werden.
  • Mindestens der Gehäuse muss von Leitz sein. Die Gehäuse/Objektiv-Kombination muss angegeben werden!
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Dear LTM users

A reminder... Tomorrow the timeframe for taking your photograph starts for the next Barnack Challenge. Wishing you inspiration and pleasure.


Liebe LTM-Nutzer

Zur Erinnerung... Morgen beginnt der Zeitrahmen zum Fotografieren für die nächste Barnack Challenge

Ich wünsche Euch allen viel Phantasie, Inspiration und gutes Licht!

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Posted (edited)

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As usual I have been procrastinating. I chose a subject and did a test shot last week with my iPhone camera. I like the basic idea but not the background in the test picture. And I haven't decided on the film to use. I have a roll of a new film to me, Foma 400, in the IIIf so I will probably take the picture with that and then reload with a film I am more familiar with, in case I don't like the result. 

Edited by Doug A
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Hi and welcome remdude. Take multiples to select from, but only one may be submitted for the competition. Later, there may be a thread for 'outtakes' where we sometimes post our optional shots, just for fun.

Tomorrow, now that I am ambulatory again, I plan to shoot a series of four options I am thinking of, but I have in my mind one main contender, subject to shooting it.

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There are two dumb things a RF film camera user can do.

1. Leave the lens cap on.

2.Forget to check that the film is advancing properly after loading.

Last Friday, I shot a roll of film covering seven alternatives for entering the Barnack Challenge. Very pleased with my choices. Upon unloading the film I discovered I had committed dumb rule # 2! The film had not advanced.

Now, being Sunday, is my last chance to at least in part, to retrace my steps and pick up a suitable shot. I hate re-shoots. Such a waste of time. Perhaps I will look for alternatives to my first shoot. Could be more fun.

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Thanks Charles. I am feeling improved. Getting impatient with my recovery.

Had a good day on Sunday. Found plenty of options for the Challenge. Finally edited down to one. Ready to post when the posting thread is open.

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