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I have the Leica M-L adapter which works perfectly. But I would like one of the close focus adapters - used a Voiglander one when I used Sony A7 and loved it. I bought the 7artisans but it won’t even connect properly with either my fpL or S5 - obviously quality control problems. Has anyone found a reliable close adapter ?

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That's disappointing for you, I have the 7 Artisans CF adaptor and it works fine.   I remembered this link 


Might be one for you to try.




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the 7 artisan adapter came out by different manufacturers , I have the one from gabale.

Note that image stabilization works only if lenses is selected manual , no other correction will apply in camera.

Sometime this adapters have to much out in the gear that can transfer into the camera, I suggest a cleaning before use.

The benefit of this adapter is that it gets you closer then the minimum limit without the big jump of the Leica Macro adapter, keep in mind most M lenses are not corrected for close up photography.

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Did you ever progress here @Nick De Marco?

On 6/6/2021 at 11:38 AM, Nick De Marco said:

Thanks for the answers. I’ll try cleaning it but it feels like it doesn’t click in the camera. Otherwise I guess I could send it back and buy another one hoping I was just unlucky 


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