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21 minutes ago, ianman said:

Nice colours! Not my cup of tea photographically speaking but it's good work! I wish I could handle sunny-16 as well as you seem to be able to.

I found that with film Sunny 16 was actually quite easy! I was mostly between shutter speed of 250-1000 the day I shot this roll. Not having to worry about over-exposure was very liberating.

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11 hours ago, Rennrocky said:

Good Minilab-Scanner ! Homemade Nikon-Coolscan-Scans have not so nice colors. 

Oh, I didn't know about it. The shop scanned them for me. I'll research a bit and learn about the difference. Thanks for pointing that out!

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11 hours ago, Josh bear said:

I had delivery of a Leica MP last week.  It is my first film camera.   Your photos are inspirational.  Thanks for posting


Thanks Josh! Even though MP has built-in meter, you can also try out Sunny 16. It's really easy and gives consistent results. I love it!


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