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I have had my M10M for almost a year now.  I am a previous owner of a M246 and a M9M and a current owner of an SL2 and a M10P.  Due to the pandemic and a move I was not able to get out and shoot with the M10M until last fall.  Once I seriously dug into the files I noticed an issue with the sensor.  In landscope orientation there is a distinct line / shift in tonal values directly in the center of the frame from top to bottom.  When shooting bland blue skys the effect is visible, applying a dehaze in LR at +50 highlights the issue more.  In February I contacted Leica and after some trading of DNG files was told I had a defective sensor and I shipped my camera off to Leica for a replacement.  75 days later my camera is back with the same sensor and a note from Leica that my camera has been checked out and found to be in full repair.  I am assume this means that this is not considered an issue and that the camera is working properly.  My question is whether I am the only one or have others noticed the same effect.  I am attaching a cropped jpeg to show the effect.  This file has had the +50 dehaze applied.  Honestly the effect is subtle and probably shows more when taking pics on cloudless day so you may not notice the issue doing street or other types of photography.  I would expect the issue to show if you are taking a picture of a white wall. 

While some may argue that this is subtle enough to be ignore, I do have to clone and blend this out when prepping captured images for print and display.  I would not expect to have to do this for the M10M.

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