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Adapting vintage Nikkor AI lenses for M10R

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I have searched & tried K&F for adaptors using Nikkor AI 135 mm & 200 mm lenses on  Leica M cameras and would like to use these Nikkor lenses with my new M10 R.

I should appreciate any advice and recommendations for the appropriate adaptors.

Thank you.

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If you own AI-lenses - take that adaptor. It's cheap - but it should work. 

I own some G-lenses so I took the Novoflex (with ring). 

It's fun to shoot with a Leica M + a Nikon macro lens. :) I don't own a Ai- or G-lens with 135mm. But I tried out my 200/2. Ok... it would work... in principle... But it's a heavy lens for such a small camera - and it's more fun to shoot this with AF. 


One thing additionally... E-lenses didn't work. The aperture of that lenses is still close - and it's not possible to open it with any adaptor (there is one from Novoflex... but it's only for Leica SL... never tried that). So it's possible to use it with full closed aperture. But that's not fun. 


Ai-lenses: take the K&F and have fun! :)

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Posted (edited)

Don’t be surprised if old glass doesn’t perform that well on an R. The sensor might be simply too good for old lenses.

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My K&F adaptor for my Minola Rokkors on Olympus MFT worked well, so I ordered a Nikkor AI adaptor for adapting a 24 mm to my Leica M-P 240. However, instead of ordering from them directly, I strongly recommend ordering it from a local/regional/national vendor after having made sure that the item is in stock there. On the basis of my most recent experience, one can't rely on timely delivery when ordered from their website (I have waited for my copy for five weeks [delivery time of 15 days was announced], so I finally cancelled my order).

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