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sooo I"m new to this M240 cam. So far I like it alot! shooting with a 50 lux asph and zeiss 35mm 1.4 zm. I"m finding the images to be too saturated and very susceptible to IR light. So I'm ordering IR filters. I've seen some very filmic files from this camera, glowy and bright pastel colors. Can you guys recommend how I can achieve that look with profiles, pre sets, curves, HSL, Calibration? I'm open to learning. I can't believe I've been so resistant to the M240 for so many years thinking I would only exclusively shoot CCD m9s. The m240 is in another league! 


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IR filters are wise. The look of your images is made by you in postprocessing, you have a learning curve. Having said that, ON1 has good presets and excellent tutorials on their website. 

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The M 240 images have a very special look which I personally like a lot - the saturation is at least for me the key element here, the colors remind me on Kodak Ektar 100 film which is my favorite. I normally never touch the greens but sometimes I desaturate a bit the blues. Red/yellows are fine for my taste, too. Often all I do in PP is a bit increase of contrast (depending which kind of lens I am using) and very slightly increasing saturation for specific color channels depending on the subject. So far I never applied the color film filter as option within the camera - if you want more pastel look, maybe this is something to try. 

Regarding IR, yes, I tested the camera for IR capability - with 720 nm cutoff filter on the lens and several seconds exposure time, very nice digital IR images can be achieved which is an additional benefit for me! I don't see an issue by having a bit IR transmittance of the sensor glass - likely the M8 is much worse here where a special filter to block IR rays is definitely required to take color photos from what I read (I never used the M8). 

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On 5/9/2021 at 2:17 AM, goorackerelite said:

Can you guys recommend how I can achieve that look with profiles, pre sets, curves, HSL, Calibration?

Well you can achieve that look with any or all of those (you don't mention what RAW app you use, I'll assume LR/ACR)

I've no experience with the ZM 35, but I have a 50 lux ASPH and that's quite a warm and contrasty lens.



The shots above are the 50 planar (ignore where is says summicron, that's just how I've entered it in the camera) and the 'lux. As you see there's a tangible difference even when the only variable is the lens. (both 100% SOOC DNG)

There's no right or wrong way to a get a look, there's only the way that works best for you.

The calibration sliders in LR are a powerful tool to make big changes fast. The split toning tool is another way balance and control the colours.

If you get really into doing this, you can download adobe's DNG profile editor which will let you make tweaks to existing profiles and export them as a new .dcp file.

FWIW... my experience of playing with the look of my files via presets and profiles (and I absolutely have to state that I'm no sort of expert on the subject) is that it's best to make little changes and leave as much as possible to edit on an image by image basis.

For example, if you make a preset that makes skin look more pleasing to you on people you shoot regularly then that's great and no doubt will come in handy many times. If you make a preset that makes the sky look a nice blue in one series of photos, that preset will probably mess the sky up in many other photos!




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