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who’s iphone has no protection cover?

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2 iPhones no covers + 4 Ms no covers! Maybe that’s just me....

Maybe as a designer it’s frustrating that one might endeavour to make something beautiful and then have it “protected” with something not-so-lovely.
I find it ironic that there was a “Make it thinner!” push for the M10 followed immediately by “Now I’ve got it what case shall I put it in?” ...

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That means, that the designer is not interested in how his product will be used. He designs cameras for collectors and investors. For example I wonder, why Leicas don't have an Arca Swiss prepared bottom.

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From the beginning I've found the design of iPhones to be quite attractive, but practicality and/or a desire to customize impacts people adding covers.  I know that our iPhones have only survived falls without damage due to the covers we use.  Regarding camera "covers," I've not had cases for decades since even opening the front could delay me too much, and perhaps even prevent me from overcoming the time and effort to open it.  Consequently, I usually have the camera out in my hand or hanging by a strap, with the lens cap off.

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Early iPhones had an issue in which holding the uncovered phone in just the right way would cut off the call.  the solution was a case, which probably launched wide sales of cases, even though subsequent iPhone overcame the issue.

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