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I was wondering what manual focus setup people use for focusing Leica SL lenses on the SL2.  I have 16-35 SVE, 50 f/2 Apo and 90-280 lenses.

What setup do you use for manual focus, and how did you decide on it? I have difficulties when I am trying to focus through foreground such as foliage or railings, as the autofocus usually locks onto the high contrast foreground rather than what I'm interested in.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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The question is not clear to me. 

With SL before and now SL2-S I use autofocus most of the time. I typically have used MF mode with the joystick button set to AFs or AFc.

When I need to manual focus I do so. I shut off automatic zoom upon manual focusing and I activate the zoom myself with a front button as needed. I use peaking sometimes as well. 

With SL2-S and the new FW I’ve been using AF tracking and face detection more often.  

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I find the Point AF option the best on the SL2 with SL lenses.

You can momentarily overnight AF by holding the shutter Botton down 1/2 way and at the same time rotate the focus on you lens .
If you have updated your SL lenses you can choose rotation in the menu.

Some people want Back Botton AF. that means you can put the camera in MF mode, and to activate AF only when you push the joystick in.


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LD_50 "The question is not clear to me."

There are various settings for manual focus on the SL2, you can set MF Setup to 'Standard MF', or select 90, 120, 150, 180, 210, 240, 270, 300, 330 0r 360 degrees or 'Maximum'. Which do people prefer?

I also find that when I am using manual focus on 'Standard' setting, the sensitivity of the SL2 is such that making a very slight movement of the focus ring has no effect, but that a large one over-or undershoots focus, so obtaining focus is a bit hit-and-miss.

I hope that clarifies. thing for you.

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I use 90 to use quick focus turn.

the longer turn are for smooth follow focus in video.

Standard is fly by wire, the quicker you turn the more it goes. you better turning this off by setting 90.

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