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Lag after firmware 3.1

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i'd check for bracketing, hdr, self-timer (well, that lag is before the image is taken) although those should be pretty obvious if on. you should be able to tell by going item by item through the menus whether a setting will cause a lag or not. is it better or worse if you set only jpg or only raw or jpeg+ raw? 

as far as cards go, a uhs-ii isn't needed and sandisk is nearly always the most reliable choice and usually what the brands use to test with their cameras. 


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8 hours ago, jaapv said:

Could your SD card be fragmented? Run a deep format in SD Formatter.

Instead of a Quick format, an Overwrite format method must be used to defragment an SD card. Do we know which method Leica is using in their cameras? 


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OK, I seem to have read wrong information. Both Overwrite and Quick Format options seem to defragment disks. Overwrite is probably there to make sure that the information is properly removed (security issue). Quick Format or in-camera format is likely good enough for  defragmenting the SD card.

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