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Voigtlander 35mm F2 Ultron - disassembly

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Short self-explorative disassembly guide for Voigtlander 35mm F2 Ultron lens.


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Thank you for the feedback. It's great to be able to share some details that may be helpful for someone in future.

Just like today I've learned from this forum how to vertically calibrate M10 by using 2mm hex wrench - that saved me time and effort on exploring that "in a hard way of tries and errors".

I didn't work with modern Leica lens yet, but old Leitz lens and modern Zeiss ZM and Voigtlanders a greatly engineered an can be DIY serviced in many cases, and can last almost forever if properly serviced during long time use. That's what I like about smart engineering solution and use of high quality materials in Leica rangefinder cameras. Once you have the information and certain level of skills - DIY post-warranty repairs and maintenance of camera or lens is quite possible for many cases.

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17 hours ago, setuporg said:

Great report!  What was the original reason to disassemble your lens?

There was a tiny radial play of the focusing ring when switching rotation direction. It didn't affect focus precision, but feels uncomfortable like something is loose inside and "knocking" when redirecting focusing.

Of course I also  wanted to disassemble lens anyway for informational purpose and understand its mechanics and how to precisely calibrate focusing distance on a rangefinder if needed.

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