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Lupines are blanketing the areas around Folsom Lake. Here are a few images from a morning visit. All pics/panoramas taken with TL2/18-56 mm combo. It was frustrating to watch people trample wildflowers for their dumb selfies and/or kid portraits as well as 'professional' photogs doing model shoots and dragging all their gear on the flowers.


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    • By FromMyLens
      Can I please get some advice / guidance on an issue.  I recently bought an m4p 1 week ago.
      The first roll was a brand bought caninister and loaded using the quick loading technique (guide end into tulip, put bottom plate on and good to go).
      The second roll was a home bulk load affair.  I think I didnt have a clean cut on the end of the roll, so when I loaded into the tulip, it has 'snagged' on the spring in the centre.
      I had to take the roll out as after taking 2 shots I noticed that the film wasnt feeding correctly.
      The problem was that as i pulled the film out of the m4p, is stretched the spring.  So now that I am trying to load film, the spring doesnt allow the film to sit in the tulip and load onto the sprockets. (see bottom left hand corner of photo 1.
      Photo 2 shows that if a lend the end of the film to sit outisde of the tulip, the film loads, so no faults with the sporkets or loading mechanism
      Photos 3 shows a work around where i cut away half the width of the end of the roll, so it feeds into the tulip above the spring, whilst this does work, its not a long term solution.
      Does anyone have any ideas how to re-set the spring??  looking down inside the centre coloumn of the tulip, I can see a screw, but Im loathed to start exploring a fix.
      I have googled Leica M4p repair manual, but havent found anything.
      Any advice would be kindly received.
    • By Andrk
      Hi guys, 
      I am sure this topic is covered over and over again, but I can't help starting a new thread to help me out in a very difficult decision. It feels like a very difficult decision anyway. 
      Some background: I have been photographing for the past 15 years, and for a few of those professionally. I have been a strong Nikon fan throughout (sorry for swearing in the church), but have also owned and used a lot of film cameras, such as Mamiya, Hasselblad 2000FCW, Canon and Nikon 35mm film cameras. I would say i am a fairly decent photographer with, maybe, a bigger passion and lust than talent. :)
      Two years ago soon my son was born, and I just didn't bring the big cameras with me any longer, and I missed capturing those moments. I stopped all professional photography to make time for family and my day job. I sold all my other cameras, DSLRs and film alike to buy a new, smaller, more handy one. That I actually would bring with me everywhere and take photos. I never bought one, and now I miss I so much. So I started the hunt for the best camera for ME. 
      I have been googling, foruming all across, and I just don't know how to drill it down any further and decide on the actual camera to buy. One thing I do know is that it is going to be a Leica. I just love Leicas philosophy, the picture quality, the "to the roots" thing, and I have decided once and for all that now is the time for me to finally own a Leica. 
      I also know that I am on a budget. Coming in at a total of 2000 USD would be ideal - but if course, Leica is not cheap and there are many factors here. So anywhere between 1000-3000 USD is something I look at. 
      For that money you could buy either a Leica CL kit brand new, Leica TL2 brand new, a used Leica Q, used Leica M9. 
      I am not a rangefinder guy really, but I really like the concept. However, I will use the camera for many different scenarios such as travel photo, family photo, art works that I do, and just general hobby/art photography. 
      I don't do any studio work any longer, so that I don't need, I don't do street photography in that sense, and I don't to long tele situation photography like concerts or sports. So basically, I do everyday photography and would like my photos to be nice to have, maybe frame them, and if I find time again start taking art work photos again. But let's focus on travel, everyday life typ photo. 
      Now - what do you guys think? Where should I place my bets? I guess many of you have tried many of the cameras - which one do you believe I will be happier with?
      Thank you so much! I appreciate all and any input!
    • By jaapv
      TL, 18-56
      Time to explore close to home.

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!
    • By simonCL
      Hi everyone! Nice to finally make the decision to join this community. 
      I made the switch to Leica from Nikon last year when I purchased the CL with a 23mm Summicron f2. 
      I absolutely love the camera and the setup for the type of photography I do. 
      at the moment, my current setup is the CL with a f/1.4 Super Takuma 50mm (thorium glass model). 
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