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Having just acquired the SL2-s I wondered how good it was for action, specifically BIF and Wildlife? 

I appreciate that the AF is not the best available in continues and that the FPS is only 5fps unless you use fixed focus etc. 

My dilemma is, do I buy the Sigma 100-400 and use the SL2-s knowing it limitations, or would I be "much better" served by purchasing a Nikon D500 and say 80-400?

I also appreciate that by using the Sigma on the SL2-s it gives more versatility when using the SL2-s for Landscape compression etc and I would benefit from "one system" solution, giving me Image Stabilisation for static birds, Dual UHS II SD cards, 5.7m EVF.

Any advise much appreciated.

Thank You


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There are a number of threads on the 100-400, both in the CL and SL forums. Judge for yourself.

However, note that the lens needs to be used with Electronic Shutter for best results

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Posted (edited)
On 4/21/2021 at 7:53 PM, jyrkialanen said:

As it has been mentioned in many threads, any modern full frame mirrorless camera body from Sony, Canon or Nikon will have way better CAF/tracking for action photography than Leica SL series. 

I use an SL2S for equestrian shots .

The focus is ok but nowhere near as sure footed as a Sony body .

I was reminded of this yesterday when a friend handed me her Sony to test (I`ve sold my Sony bodies but retained some lenses).

If it wasn`t for the ergo`s and lovely colour which comes from the SL2S I wouldn`t entertain it .

Such a shame that they cripple the camera with an inferior focus system.

It doesn`t make sense but I guess it wasn`t billed as a sports camera ..


PS and the lack of lens options at the long end .


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