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SL2-S Firmware Coming soon 👏

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Thanks for that. Makes perfect sense. At the moment I'm recording to the SD cards and using a simple 5" monitor on top, just to get a larger view of the image at different angles.

Works pretty well. Iv also been using a spare iPhone mounted on a handle along with the FOTOS app. Its not perfect... but does give one a wireless, compact, lightweight, self powered viewing alternative and it does allow direct access for touch focus as well as start and stop recording. A bit laggy at times but all in all and nice way to expand the cameras video operation with a minimum of additional equipment. I use this camera primarly for stills but really enjoy being able to shoot high quality video as well when the moment arises. Looking forward to the firmware update.

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1 hour ago, simon_hsn said:

I think we are very close to a release. In fact, the website already shows the download link. However, you cannot download the file just yet. Exciting...

Today at 3 pm Germany time is the release 👍

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a lot of new features:



_NEW: Exposure metering method Highlight-Weighted

_NEW: iDR (Intelligent Dynamic Range) for the optimization of darker areas

_NEW: Anytime manual access to Pixel Mapping

_EXTENDED: Additional settings for image properties (Highlight and Shadow)

_IMPROVED: Autofocus with improved algorithm


_NEW: Enhanced Live View as auxiliary function for image composition in the dark

_NEW: Image Overlay



_NEW: Follow Focus

_NEW: HEVC video formats (H.265)

_NEW: Segmented Video as protection against data loss

_NEW: Waveform Monitor

_NEW: Configurable reference values (Color Bar and Test Sound)

_NEW: REC Frame for a more detailed display of a running recording

_EXTENDED: Optional import of custom LUT profiles

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1 hour ago, MediaFotografie said:

_NEW: Exposure metering method Highlight-Weighted

_NEW: iDR (Intelligent Dynamic Range) for the optimization of darker areas

These are very welcomed, especially the first option

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18 minutes ago, i-Leica said:

The question is: will it come for SL2 also?.....

I think that Leica promised that similar changes will come for the SL2, at a later date.

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