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Hello everybody,

I currently have a Leica M2 and now I've been looking into the M5. I stumbled upon one for sale in my country, but I noticed in its photos that this particular camera has a strange metal part/piece in the front of the camera, right bellow the shutter speed selector. 

I asked the seller about it but he said he bought it like that and has no clue about what it is, he said he thinks it may be a support of some sort.

I really don't know, but maybe it is something adapted there to prevent the user to change the shutter speed by accident? Just wondering about it.

Apart from that, the camera is said to be working completlely fine.

Has anyone ever seen something like this?  

Any guesses are welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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It certainly looks like a bit of a DIY job. I sincerely doubt that it left the factory this way. A previous owner might have been worried that the wheel might get knocked out of shape. I think it should certainly affect the value, negatively. 

Thank you for sharing this, it is definitely interesting to see. 


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Posted (edited)

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The placement of the tab suggests the owner had a particular way of putting it in the bag perhaps. Otherwise, I'd think there should one on the inside of the dial as well.

When I used to own an M5, I didn't think the SS dial moved that freely. Maybe this one is on the loose side?

I would certainly ask a lot of questions before purchasing it.

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Top view certainly suggests that it is a 'guard' to stop the shutter dial rotating. One comment though; whoever had this modification carrid out spent some effort (and probably money) doing so. This would perhaps suggest an appreciated and well looked after camera to me.

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I think it's a well thought out adaptation, possibly made on behalf of a professional photographer who didn't want to risk the dial turning accidentally. The rest of the camera looks used but not abused and I go along with pgk, it suggests a camera where the owner identified a problem and had it fixed because he/she liked using it.

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      Hello everybody,
      this is my first post and I would like to extend a friendly hello to all of you and also to thank you for your time! 
      This thread is not about finding the right screws for adjusting the rangefinder, but rather about one of them not wanting to move. 
      The infinity adjustment (horizontal plane) seems to be a tiny bit out of alignment with my M5, and although it probably will not have a significant effect, it still nags me. One factor might be that the brass barrel of the lens I commonly use appears to be quite worn, so that when "freshly" attaching the lens, everything seems to be in order but never goes back to true inifity after the lens is focused to a closer distance and back to infinity, if this makes sense. 
      Anyway, the screw inside the roller at the end of the rangefinder arm inside the lens mount does not move. I have tried several straight and angled screwdrivers, even filed one down for better fit, but still: it won't budge. I am afraid of stripping the head of the screw/damaging the arm and wonder:
      can or should the eccentric screw at the end of the rangefinder arm be lubricated in any way? Or will this result in unwanted movement/reoccuring maladjustment of the screw? 
      When looking straight at the rangefinder arm from the front, there seems to be a small opening in the arm through which I can see the screw, which is why I'm wondering if it's meant to be used for lubrication purposes. What confuses me most though, is that my camera technician has adjusted the rangefinder several times already, and will most probably also have used this screw (although there seem to be other ways after taking the top plate off). Maybe I should ask him if he applied any kind of bonding agent to keep it in place. Although I'd wonder where he should have put it, since it inevitably would come into contact with the roller, inhibiting it from moving freely. 
      If all of this is too confusing, I can add some pictures later for clarification. 
      Thank all of you for your time and have a nice day!  
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