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50mm views/experience?

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Hi all

I am in the market for a 50mm fir my M10 and was planning to buy a used Summilux (I sold mine a while back but used to love it). However, I have the chance to buy a used APO for similar money (very good but not mint condition).

I am tempted, especially by the lighter/smaller form factor and of course all the stellar reviews. However, it’s still a lot of money and I fear I probably would be just as happy with a Zeiss Planar and save some money for something else.

Any real world thoughts/experiences of the APO and 50mm?

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Posted (edited)

2c...depends on your subject matter. If general purpose/ landscape & architecture then apo would be the best choice. If youre going for portraits then the non apo be your choice, but even then id look into faster lenses like the f1.2 vm or lux to isolate the subject more and give character to the rendered image.

I believe having a modern sensor paired with legacy lens gives the right combination of having character and good resolution.

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1 hour ago, Nowhereman said:

The "best" is not always the BEST for the rendition that one is really seeking. Me, I prefer the Summilux 50 pre-ASPH to the Summilux 50 ASPH, by a long shot — and wouldn't consider the APO, as I prefer the DR Summicron 50.
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I have to agree. My 50 pre asph is my favorite and I see no reason to change.  It’s got a bit of magic in my eyes. 

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Couldn’t agree more.

To be honest I wouldn’t normally look twice at an APO because of cost and don’t always like too perfect an image, but at £2900 it is not much more (seems a good price to me??) than a used Lux.

Alternatively, I could get a nice Zeiss Planar and a used Q, which I am increasingly drawn too as my eyes get older!


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20 minutes ago, Al Brown said:

Nobody yet mentioned the Voigtlander Nokton 50/1.2 🙂

I used to own Nokton 1.2, sold it and bought Lux ASPH. For me, there is now question, Lux is the better lens.

Considering performance/price ratio Nokton wins. For 600 EUR (used) it is one of the best bargains currently on the market.

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