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Hi every one in this Leica community. Do  you think in our Accessories do we have the same SNHOO filter adapter for 50mm Summitar in our A36mm lenses such as 90mm F4 Elmar or 135mm F4.5 Hektor. The SNHOO adapter filter will enable our 50mm Summitar to use for another thread filter or even a step up ring for another hood or filter. Another question is do you think we can screw on on A36mm filter for add on another filter  . Thank you

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in Wiki...

this one I use to adapt E39 screw-in filters on my A36 lenses Elmar 5cm , 9cm, Summaron 3.5/3.5cm

for example


A36 filters are clamp on so you can stack them as you want but not recommended for best result

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The SNHOO is only for the Summitar. It adapts the lens to take 39mm (E39) filters, and there are cheap replicas available that work well. To adapt A36 lenses to take 39mm filters, you need the SOOGZ clamp-on adapter, which is rather expensive these days. I think some A36 lenses (Summar, some versions of the Elmar 90 and Hektor 135) also have inner 34mm filter threads. Perhaps a step-up ring would work with these (Heliopan make a 34mm to 39mm), but I've never tried one and I don't know if the thread pitch or depth would be correct.

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Thank you both for your help. By the way, how could I sure that my two Leica LTM Vintage lenses 90mm F4 Elmar and 135mm F4.5 Hektor's inner filter tread is 34mm. Or any one here has both lenses to measure it for me. From Leica WIKI, they both are A36mm but only 90 Elmar indicated E39mm filter tread as well. Since the SOOGZ is too expensive in Ebay so I have to choose step up ring to use it if that is the case. Thank you.

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Some previous discussion here:

The E39 thread mentioned in the Wiki is a reference to later variants of these lenses - I think later versions of both had this filter thread. It should be easy to measure the inner diameter of the thread to see if it is 39mm, and you can then just get E39 filters. If it appears to be 34mm you may want to seek further advice here (I have an A36 90mm Elmar, but I've never attempted to use 34mm filters with it, only the SOOGZ). There are some vintage Leitz 34mm filters on ebay of various kinds, as well as some cheap modern (mostly UV) filters in this size. If you buy one of these, be careful it doesn't cross thread or screw on too far and grind against something.


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