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Leica Q2 issue : purple when taking underexposed photos

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Hello everyone,

I am posting my first message on this forum because I have a question/issue concerning my brand new Leica Q2 I bought last week. I used the camera just once shooting in RAW, auto white balance and all the other default factory settings.

Everything is fine and perfect under normal light conditions. However when I am inside and I underexpose a photo (with low ISO settings- 400 ISO more or less) purple colors appear in the shadows. If I open the RAW file on my computer and in lightroom, these purple shadows remain. I tried to change the white balance on the camera etc. but it does not change anything

It is really weird as the conditions are not extreme, the photo is slightly underexposed and the settings used are totally normal. 

You can find at this link 2 photo samples : you can see purple on the desk and furniture on the photo L1000288. On the photo L1000282 you can see purple on the grey wall 

Does anyone have an idea ?

Thanks a lot for your help


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