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Film torn and caught in gate Leica MP

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Hi all! Hope someone can help, I ran my first roll of Portra 400 through my brand new MP today. 

I rewound it at home and followed the instructions to the letter but felt resistance on the rewind knob towards the end of the roll, not wanting to force it (and being not particularly attached to the shots) I decided to pop the back open and see what might be causing the resistance.

The film had been ripped at the top and a small bit of that film was caught between the shutter curtain and the body. This was right at the start of the roll so I doubt any images were lost - but will that small bit of film that was in between the shutter and body caused any damage?

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If you did not force the rewind and stopped the rewind when you first felt the issue, then the shutter is probably fine, but no harm getting it checked by the dealer since it is new...

How did the film get the rip? That’s never happened to me in all the years of using film.

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I once had that problem but you should be able to notice it when you are winding on to the next frame to shoot - the winding on would feel tense on the leaver. With me I am sure it was caused by the film sticking together in the cassette at high temperature during the summer - camera gear kept in attic and I also noticed the camera body covering start to bubble! So it could have been an over heating problem?

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