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Kipon Alpa to Leica L39 adapter issue

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On 3/19/2021 at 6:49 PM, romualdo said:

looks like I just solved the problem - I needed to unscrew the ring all the way to the tip of the helicoid - now matching perfectly (rangefinder with EVF) plus reaching infinity

Hi, romualdo
Will you please teach me how to do that in detail?
I'm annoyed by KIPON adapter, too.

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see my pics below - there is a ring (adjustment) inside the helicoid with two notches, 180 degrees apart - this ring was way too far down inside the helicoid - I had to screw it anticlockwise (so it would rise to just above the level of the top of the helicoid - see pics) - a fine screwdriver placed into one of the notches will allow you to move the ring. With fine adjustment it's trial & error, screwing ring clockwise or anticlockwise in very small movements then testing for attainment of infinity with the rangefinder. Ideally using a digital camera with an EVF (Electronic viewfinder) & comparing the focus with the viewfinder screen to the rangefinder is more accurate IMHO than trying to tweak it with just a film camera. Hope this helps. Once you are happy with the ring's position, use a marker pen to show the position at a notch (see pic) - I check that before use to see if there has been any movement during storage - hasn't seemed to move at all since I did the final adjustment, Cheers Stephen

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11 hours ago, Cervi-Giardini said:

Thank you, Stephen!!
I appreciated so much.  Very easy to understand and I was able to solve the problem quickly.

Glad you were able to follow my directions

By the way, what lenses/cameras are you using the kipon adapter with?

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