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Price Increases 01 April 2021

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1 hour ago, bags27 said:

I don't fully buy the exchange rationale for the price increase. The euro/dollar is pretty much at its historical average (see below chart). The closest thing to Leica in some ways is the Birkin Bag, which was initially designed for its UI (Jane Birkin offhandedly opined that she'd love a fashionable bag suitable for a young mother)  as well as its luxury, and now is intentionally made expensive and scarce to allow the buyer to rationalize the purchase as an investment. Hermes is entirely candid as to its strategy: this is how it introduces the bag: "Hermes Birkin bag prices do increase each year at the Hermes boutiques.  The price of a Birkin bag increases each year making these bags more coveted and worth more over time."


I don’t think a Birkin bag is the “closest thing to Leica” at all in terms of pricing, strategy, availability, or anything really. 

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For better or worse, I think Leica demand is pretty inelastic, so they can raise prices without any material decline in sales. In other words, very few people, once they decide they want a Leica, won't not get one because of a price increase.

$9000 American is starting to get into NFW territory just a bit. If the M10 variants are going to cost $8995 USD starting April 1, I shudder to think how the M11 that everyone is salivating for will be priced; it could easily end up being Leica's first 24x36mm digital M that goes for $10,000 USD. 😳 Make that $9995 in Leica dollars.      

I have no idea behind the reason for the price increase but it was high enough that today I ordered from Miami a new SL2. Perhaps I used as a justification that I  "saved" $600. by getting it today... In any event it will be here by the weekend which is exciting. I'm not sure my wife think's I'm all that wise, but my dog does. I look forward to using it with my M lenses and my long Nikon ones. 

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