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Anyone know if there is anything special about the rendering of this lens ? saw it today at the shop, the small screw on the ring in front of the aperture is interesting..wondering what its for.






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vor einer Stunde schrieb frame-it:

the small screw on the ring in front of the aperture is interesting..wondering what its for.

You fix the hood with the protruding screw. The hood has a groove where the screw's head enters and when you turn the hood it is fixed.

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Here two examples with the Hektor on (old) Visoflex and Bellows:


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Maniac, I went immediately to my collection´s archives when I saw this thread, and I discovered - or remembered if I had still memory! - that I had two following serials : 1760609 and 1760610. This adds absolutely nothing to the question : just fun.

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1 hour ago, kangaroo2012 said:

I seem to remember that this was a projector lens.

Walter Benser of Leica fame (in my youth) had one

converted to Viso mount for portraiture.



You are perfectly right. Here are photos of the Hektor 12cm-2.5 (code UFKOU) for projection I had in my collection.



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