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When I use a one-thousandth shutter, these nasty black line marks will appear in the same position in picture. Is the problem of high-speed shutter ? Can it be solved by adjusting the shutter curtain tension?

The film has been checked, it is not a problem with processing and scanning.



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Probably some frayed threads at the shutter curtain. They might be millimetre long, but at top shutter speed, the shutter is just a narrow slit travelling along the film plane, so relative to that the frayed threads are "long". Effectively it's as if you have some small threads permanently in front of your film, the way the film sees it. Check the shutter curtain with a loop to find if it's that. I guess they can be removed by a technician without having to change the curtains, though it might be time to do that if they start fraying.


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