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Switching from M10 to SL2-S? But what about Leica-look?


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9 hours ago, SoarFM said:

I often hear of the “imaging pipeline”. It starts with input and ends with output. (I know... duh??)

I just sold my Sony A6500, had it for years, first as a not too expensive camera I could carry on my bicycle, a lighter companion to a Sony A7R2 with lens compatibility, but really just had a short zoom attached to it mostly. It was a fine camera, later used to do some video, which, among those in the know,  it apparently is very capable and full featured.

It has the identical sensor to my Leica CL. I vastly prefer the CL. It could be in part because the Leica APS zooms and primes are nothing short of spectacular. It could also be in part because the Leica camera interface is also brilliant whereas the Sony A6500 made me want to poke my eyes out every time I went into its menu system, truly one of the most horrible camera interfaces on the face of the earth... And then when I would pop the SD card from the little CL into the computer to download and review images, I would constantly be amazed at how well the whole pipeline performed, even with the diminutive 18-56 “kit lens” OK, it’s not a kit lens in the disparaging way, it is sharp edge to edge, wide open, at the short end all the way to the long end, unlike it’s Sony/Zeiss counterpart 16-70 which was only OK. Two bodies with the same sensor, completely different experience and results.

Then I had a go with a pre-owned Panasonic S1R. The identical sensor as the SL2. I bought the S1R to do digital negative scanning, but of course couldn’t resist throwing some of my M lenses that sit with my M6 on to it (I had an M—>L adapter from toying with M lenses on the CL). Oh my gosh, it was beautiful, except the edges could get a little weird on the wides due to the thicker sensor covering than used on the SL2. I know why they do that (I think)and at the same am frustrated by it. Also, the interface of the S1R is also one of those cameras dripping with buttons and a menu system only a little bit better than the reviled Sonys.... Sold it and bought SL2 which now does double duty being used as digital negative scanner and a new home for my M mount lenses with an IBIS stabilized sensor.  A real all arounder. Two bodies with the same sensor, completely different experience and results. Yeah, I know, more money....

My humble opinion is that “its all software”, even in a snarky way is ignoring other parts of the pipeline. That’s without even getting into the topic of,  when is good enough really just good enough?



Please start a thread on using your SL as a negative scanner.... especially the equipment setup.  I've found it tremendously slow going, frustrating... so be sage for the rest of us!

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On 3/16/2021 at 7:19 AM, Simone_DF said:

I agree, but up to a point, or we'd be just shooting Panasonic cameras. Same L mount lenses, bodies at half the price, right?

I guess there is something in that yes, but then how does that work with a film Leica? Does that have the Leica look when it’s shot on Kodak or Ilford or Fuji film etc. Still think the vast majority of the look comes from the lens. 

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