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Leica Lens Shade 12514 for Leica 60mm F/2.8 Macro R

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I have a Leica 60mm F/2.8 R Macro lens (the E60 Version) and just ordered the lens shade 12514 for it.

There is a small knob or wheel with a VIII next to it. What is this for? Is it some sort of locking mechanism for Series VIII drop-in filters?

(See photo inline)



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Posted (edited)

Hello Bherman,

Welcome to the Forum.

Nice photo.

The little wheel is for rotating a polarizing Series VIII filter (Engraved on the lens shade.) that you drop in place before mounting the lens shade.

After the shade is properly locked in place, with the polarizing filter previously put in place: Turning the little wheel rotates the polarizing filter so that you can orient it appropriately for the effect that you want.


Best Regards,


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1 minute ago, bherman01545 said:

Thanks! How cool is that?

Will this work for only a Leica Polarizing filter or also a B+H or Heliopan?


Hello Brad,

I think this works with anyone's SERIES filter. In this instance: Series VIII.

Best Regards,


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