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Printing Instax and Contrast adjustment, anyone?

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I want a small print digital printer for low volume printing. Something like Epson PM-400 or Canon portable dye sub printer is close to what I want. But the printer head clogging is a concern. The alternatives are Zink or Instax. It seems Instax may have a little better image quality. However, Instax has a special steep contrast curve. It looks special, but not always really desirable.

So I am thinking if Fujifilm Instax SP-3 (or SP-2, SQ10 and SQ20) can do the job, if apply some contrast counter-adjustment before printing. Ideally, it should include global contrast reduction and micro/local contrast enhancement (contrast masking). Since experiment with Instax can be expensive, I wonder if anyone has already tried that, regardless successful or not.

Anyone has experiences to share?

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