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Valoy II - a different focus ring?

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Hello! I have been a fan of the Valoy II enlarger for a long time and I recently found the later grey version which came with an unusual (to me) focus ring. Or perhaps you'd call that the helical? It is the large round holder for the lens. Over twenty Valoy II's must have passed through my hands, but I have never seen this focusing ring.

Normally we use an extension ring called DOORX or 17675 to bring down the lens by 15mm. The Focomat Ic has these rings and they're essential for the automatic focus. The Valoy II is much more simple, does not have automatic focus. But the extension ring is still important as it makes the lens more accessible. 

This focus ring has a different design:

- it has the same diameter, but it is not as long as the original

- inside there's a M39 threaded ring fixed with 3 black screws, which has the function of the DOORX extension ring

- the knurled ring at the bottom is wider

The attached images should explain better than my poor English. What it comes down to is both focusing rings do the same, even though the designs inside are very different. When I put them next to each other with the DOORX ring and a Focotar they line up at the bottom and the top . . .

Has anyone ever seen this unusual ring, or does anyone know anything about it? I wonder if it was made by Leitz. I looks like it in a more modern sense. Perhaps near the end of the production? The improvements would be 1) no more separate extension rings, 2) easier access to the lens and 3) the wider knurled ring . . .

Thanks, Michael

ps more pictures in a second post

ps 2 in the last picture the original ring on the right looks smaller, but that is because it moved backwards . . .


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