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Monochrom tonal range vs Colour infrared converted

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The latest issue of Black+ White Photography magazine featured  black and white infrared images by Paul Gallagher and Michael Pilkington, captured on a Nikon D800s converted to infrared with a 720 nm filter.

They are presented as fine art images with none of the, quote, White fluffy trees set against dark skies, unquote. They are beautiful images. They claim to be able to reveal tonal variations not seen on a colour image converted to black and white.

It made me curious to compare my type 246 images with those from my Q fitted with an Hoya R72 since I do not own a converted camera.

I had to set ISO to 3200 on both cameras to keep the shutter speed on the Q to only a few seconds because of the density of the R72. The images all had setting of black and white points in Lightroom but no other processing. They were all exposed with the A setting.

The Q shots are very noisy but there does seem to be better separation in the lower tonal values of the images (attached) compared to the 246.

It's a rough and ready comparison, but does infrared capture have the edge over straight monochrom capture? 😄

Images 1 & 2 are infrared colour converted, nos 3 & 4 type 246 images

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How about Monochrome Infrared (Kodak DCS200ir) and full-spectrum color (M8)?

The IR absorbing glass on modern cameras kills IR. The M8 is the stand-out unconverted digital camera for shooting IR, has 5%~10% leakage in the near IR band.

The Kodak- 1992, first camera in the DCS line to shoot IR. Hand-held shot. KAF-1600, made before the use of microlens arrays. The spinning 80MByte SCSI drive helped keep the camera steady, like holding a gyroscope. If I find an M Monochrom with a corroded cover glass cheap, I'll get it converted to full-spectrum.

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