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Post your Contrast picture here.

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Wind chime.

Leica 11, black, with 50mm Xenon. 200th at f2.2 on Ilford Pan F in Rodinal. Copied from a darkroom print.

I took an earlier view of this a few weeks ago just to finish a film off in a 11f and the result was better than expected. So I took it again for the Challenge because of the contrast between the inside and outside of the window and wall, with the windchime cutting through them.

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Brikett und Schnee

Snow and Coal

Leica I with fixed Elmar. Developing this week I realized that the lens is somehow damaged internally. So it lacks contrast and detali rendering.

yours sincerely

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I am exploring “Contrast”, from a different perspective, which is extreme Lack of Contrast,  which, indeed, is a version of Contrast.   What you see here is part of a massive city block sized construction project.  This is a huge pile of earth about 30 feet tall!  We had a snowstorm, which ended today as an ice storm.   These gentle blended low contrast curves seen on a cloudy day  conceal much,   Taken with Leica III 9cm. elmar f5.6 @ 200 Ultrafine extreme 100 in D76.  Neg shot with iPhone and color inverted.  “Mound in Winter”




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Having a blank canvas, I decided first where I would take my photo(s) and take it from there. The place of choice was a forest near my home. I love the way the beech trees thread into the earth and took inspiration from their feet adding the contrast of my own.


Leica IIIf ~ 3,5cm Summaron ~ Ilford HP5 ~ Spur HRX ~ Scan of the print. 

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Just discovered this thread.

I have immediately prowled my garden (currently in lockdown) and shot a roll of FP4+ through my 111f. Processed and scanned immediately.

I just realized I am shooting outside the specified time frame, despite being able to post image in the correct time window.

In the interest of contributing to the continuation of this competition, I will post my image, but if anyone objects to my time error, I will immediately disqualify myself. Being in lockdown, I was happy just to have a project I could execute.

I shot six images that I could enter, the following image I have selected. It is the inner rafters of my neighbours carport (I shot over the fence).

Camera: Leica 111f + Canon Serenar 85/1.9 lens.

Film: FP4+ dev in Xtol 1+2 @ 24Deg C for 7 min.



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Advertisement (gone after registration)

Leica IIIf, Visoflex II, Elmar 65/3.5, tripod, Ilford FP4 Plus, Rodinal (1+50), negative scanned with a digital camera.

Quarantined again so I am limited to taking pictures in the house. I inverted the scanned image, converted it to monochrome, cropped it a lot, set the black and white points, spotted out a few dust spots and burned the corners a bit. If we were not limited to image manipulation that could have been done in the darkroom I might have been tempted to clone out the two little selfies that my wife - a far better photographer than I will ever be - saw instantly when she looked the the negative on the light table.

Fiesta Mugs


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