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New Firmware

Al Brown

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New firmware is out for the M, version, but also for M262, 246 etc.

Who knows what's new?



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1 hour ago, johntobias said:

does it get the perspective control feature of the new M10 firmware ????



8 minutes ago, lct said:

The M240 2.1.0 firmware works just fine, but does not include perspective control.

It's difficult to see what the differences are apart from, as LCT says, the addition of a new lens or two in the coding.

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Am 31.1.2021 um 21:51 schrieb jdlaing:

I’ve had one issue using the multifunction grip. The gps seems quirky after the firmware update. I’ve had to switch on and off a couple times to get it to register and never had that problem before.

I also use GPS sometimes. What happened exactly? Does the failures are repeatable or could it also be just some unfortunate circumstances (e.g. blocked satellites through buildings or trees...)?

Would be great to know, what was changed in this firmware. In the last updates they do nothing about the GPS feature.

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Thanks. Do you have a source with informations about it? I couldn't find any information at all. On the Leica page there was only the download-link.

If they only add profiles then there should be no issue with the GPS (or at least not more issues as there was beforeM;-).

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