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Has anybody had intermittent TTL flash issues with the R8?

 I get random firing of the SF-58, particularly with movement of the camera, and sometimes no flash on shutter release. Inside, low light, and with program mode the viewfinder shows f/5.6 @ 1/250 as it should.  Contacts are clean, wiggling the flash at the foot doesn't make it fire.  Camera, flash or the coupling of the two?

The phenomena does not seem to occur with a SF-24D, though i have no negatives to review yet.  

R8 serial # 243xxxx.  I've had no other problems with this camera.


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Whoa... maybe I should have read this thread before clicking on the button to purchase an SF58 this morning. It's destined to work with my R8 body (which is a SN# 275xxxx).  I already have an SF20, but that unit has refused to work for a while in TTL mode.

I'll see what happens with my copies. In the meantime, let's hope you find a solution for your problem.

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SN mistake
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If have the SF58 and it works without any trouble on my R9. I wouldn't think R8 and R9 are different in this respect. R9 just adds a (clumsy) option for HSS (both manual and TTL). 

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