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4 cheap & convenient film carriers for camera scan

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I have tried 4 film carriers  for camera scanning.

1: Argus Film Strip Carrier: 


         This stuff was originally used by Argus 35mm slide projector to project the uncut film strip. I got it on ebay for $7. 


         Only for 135. Can hold uncut strip or cut pieces.  This is so far my most favorite. The uncut film strip is kept inside the original plastic film canister container. 

         There was a concern on the film flatness. after stored in the film canister container, but it turns out not a problem since the strip carrier will hold it flat.

         I wish a similar stuff for 120 film, but no luck yet.

         Since this stuff is small and light, it can be slipping on the light panel. I use a piece of magnet on the bottom of the carrier to hold it firmly.

2: Clear magnet acrylic photo holder.


        The film is held very flat between the two pieces of acrylics. The best size works for me is 8.5x11 (type B).  With this, I can arrange the full roll cut film at once  (either 135 or 120 format). 
        Depends on your tripods or copy stand, you might have a little trouble to deal with the large4 size holder. If si, you might want smaller size, such as 2x6 (only for 35mm film) or 4x6, 5x7, etc.  

        Pay attention to keep clean the inner surface. The outer surface is easy to be scratched, but due to the thickness opf the acrylics, I don't see any problem.  If scratches bothers you,  try type A.

        2"x6":   https://www.ebay.com/itm/Clear-Acrylic-Magnetic-Photo-Frames-Double-Sided-2x6-Picture-Display-Stand/264522272039?hash=item3d96c18d27:g:jMEAAOSwC-5dwLvE

        8.5x11, type A:      https://www.ebay.com/itm/Clear-Acrylic-Sign-Holder-for-Wall-Mount-with-Magnets-and-Hardware-8-5x11/113858359173?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item1a827caf85:g:65gAAOSwPB9dR8Eu&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACgBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkAgU0umhwUTmgTFbE5cu7zQY15fN2vgNHXVrRUcWDW2URSke5STs%2F%2BopkWqiurP4ZJexaQ3iOlzyZp17XXXdnbpdc9TR0E9HdZkApId2H5MSNey11NyRcLNGr4%2BtVnchqRbOry4x8igHG4aG%2B2oiKD%2BCg0BNMTDy5veZD9mkvm5qZr%2FMcx9Pref26F57y1zU49j7grQEneCA0lM7MGxtSVZu6G5oW3ryQVw86M0DPU%2B5iEJ%2B69zMq7x3H7HcAlw3CBLPc4Y9VqNs4r06HGnC%2FGh%2FyMA%2BsNBJUJs0jsYRxLVCAoXnVlX%2FfwJfNyz5MpTeJYJiIaInFSkpH3auMviJmU7Hd%2F%2FzpNgio3BEh6ZDlD0bUPPu4APWa%2Fo68yjYHETF8Gy%2FJs0stmacVsD4h2c1Lusn4EqOEZc8GV4u10y7a7iHdCQZRgjuHEgNCXsBikY%2BO3oNLLr30YHc1XFWkTQehWt%2BlYO04H%2BLMhcKh9%2FMppmfYetN%2By0YpRRQ66c1e3SvuJXWXHE3qNvC2Mec5WzPkxV7aX71Mx0tC8VpceTCe2s8552SjW4IZ7skc2vd6hR3TE7tdhsohAiEKMhhMW3W3IMWpROvkCYS5HdenOIlUOBdqyjHluDJFN6N8HsXFqTpaa1BdJePGgg7VuYCCeZCgRkZM1tmScWp3cQduyOHy%2Bny4rV%2F2cASHRI6nQVaCbOlZytTVJP7i4OwolzpD6oH87xqouMEfe2TKOHNlHenBeHydu%2BwSAUr%2Bh0onj5yi3ArfyDs3LV1RmBsKPaQ%2BIsQXGEEr13qBo%2Fz8Ovog4iRhAnQ%3D|cksum%3A1138583591737b0525830e034316bda2b2dc30e65703|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524

     8.5x11, type B: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Cq-acrylic-8-5-x-11-Acrylic-Frame-Magnetic-Picture-Frames-Clear-10-10MM-Thi/112616412366?epid=1861442679&hash=item1a387614ce:g:N3gAAOSwZlZZ8Ajl

3: Beseler Negtrans (135 or 120).



There is a 135 format version and a 120 format version.  Both can hold uncut strip and cut strip nicely, and there is not problem to deal short pieces, even 1 frame is fine (unlike the Negative Supply 120 carrier, which requires min. strip length of 4 ~5  6x6 frames.    

    120:    https://www.ebay.com/itm/BESELER-DARKROOM-FILM-CARRIERS-9-1103/164654215400?hash=item265627f0e8:g:iQYAAOSwvddf81QE     

    135   https://www.ebay.com/itm/Beseler-35mm-Negatrans-Bulk-Negative-Carrier-8081-0217-1/293758133210?hash=item44655963da:g:V4sAAOSw2kleStKl             

    Because there are screw nuts about 0.5cm on the bottom of the carrier, I use a few small magnets  (1cm cube) to raise the film carrier so that it can be put on the light panel flat.      



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