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Q2M double vision bokeh

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If you look at the first sample image on this page you can see a strange effect in the bokeh resembling double vision:


Look at the window frames top left. I can't see this happening elsewhere. Anyone know what this is?

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actually I see it with the window on the right too...and other spots too, like the mirrors.

Not sure if I would call it bokeh, but there is indeed a double image going on - like a ghost/shadow projection.

The second shot is not as pronounced, but has some sort of extend blurred edge more visible in the fence

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6 hours ago, jaapv said:

I see nothing surprising. Many lenses among them the very best can produce double lines in the OOF areas. 

Never seen it before. Or at least never noticed it. Curious as to why this happens though.

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It is called ni-sen bokeh and is caused by over-corrected spherical aberration, which is sometimes needed to compensate for chromatic aberration. Lenses known to show the effect are for instance the Summicron 50 and most tele-zoom lenses. Notorious for a huge amount is the Summarit 50/1.5, in fact all Xenon-based designs.

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